Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thank You to A Friend

On Saturday night after my 12 miler, my hard labor working with nice women on sewing projects at work and reading my kids several Dr. Seuss tales, I had a rare girls' night out with Christine, my good friend, workout buddy and fellow mom of boy/girl twins. We ate sushi (another rarity in my life, alas) and drank wine, and in the course of the evening, she gave me a gift.

It was a stylish little card with a sweet note that I don't deserve, and a red jewelry box. I opened the box and gasped: inside was a coveted pass to the Flatiron Athletic Club, which I wrote about here.

One of my favorite blogs (and books about running) is Run Like a Mother (you can always get to them from my links list on the right). In addition to offering all kinds of useful advice for runners who are moms (how find time to run, what to wear to look and feel good, what to listen to), they do so much to promote the comradeship of women athletes. And to my mind, in the Run Like a Mother spirit of sisterhood, no one is a better sweat buddy than Christine.

I got to know her almost two years ago, when her now 2-year-olds were babies, and she put an ad on the local parents-of-twins club's Web site seeking hiking partners. Since then, we have regularly met at least once a week in the wee dawn hours for a good sweat, whether it's climbing Mount Sanitas on Boulder's west side with her dog or (as we do right now) pumping away in spinning class at the rec center.

She's always optimistic. She's funny. She likes nerdy sci fi. She's a fabulously smart businesswoman. She throws a great party. I feel like she actually believes I can accomplish this Boston goal (which is more than I can say for myself much of the time!). I have promised her that if I do qualify for and run Boston, I will wear a tiara during the race.

So a big thanks to Christine, another hero for me, both for the Flatirons pass and for being so inspiring and positive. I'll see you at spin class tomorrow morning bright and early!

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