My Back

In March 2012, I was diagnosed with sacro-iliac (SI) joint dysfunction. Here are the posts I wrote about this, starting with my first visit to my doctor:

Will This Story Have a Happy Ending?

Love the One You're With (My First PT Visit)

PT Ch. 2

PT Ch. 3

PT Ch. 4

Why I'm Just Now Doing Something About My Back

PT Ch. 5

PT Ch. 6

Injury Loves Company

PT Ch. 7

Oh, Our Aching Backs--Part I (in which two runners who have overcome SI joint issues tell how)

Oh, Our Aching Backs--Part II (in which I outline my PT program as it stood in May 2012)

PT Ch. 8--Good News

PT Ch. 9

PT Ch. 10: Headed for an MRI

MRI Results and Waiting Game

Executive Decision

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