Sunday, February 27, 2011

February Recap

Since tomorrow is a cross-training day and I will be spinning instead of running (no miles to add to my total), I thought I'd do a recap of the short month of February. Happily, things calmed down after the rough start.

1) I ran 94.5 miles. Not as many as in January, but February is a shorter month. For the year, I am up to 195.5 miles.

2) I attended six 1-hour spin classes (one more tomorrow, the 28th, will make it seven) and four 45-minute bootcamp classes. I also swam/kickboarded three times for about 20-25 minutes each.

3) I ran long three times on the Boulder Half course, including the two longest runs in this program, the 14- and 15-milers. These runs were both reminders to stay humble.

4) I ran the Snowman Stampede 10-miler for one of my long runs--and (something I hadn't realized before) set a big PR! Not that I've run that many 10-mile races, but it's significant to me that the last one I ran, the Rudolph's Revenge 10-Miler in December 2005, was not only pre-pregnancy/kids but also just a month-and-a-half after I ran the NYC Marathon. My time in that 10-miler was 1:45:52. My time in last week's was 1:27:22. Yay for the *late* 30s!

Here's a link to a photo of me in the Snowman Stampede. I won't buy it because they want a ridiculous amount of money for it, but I kind of like it a) because I'm actually smiling b) because the woman next to me is so tall she makes me look petite even though she's actually leaner than I am c) because I'm wearing my favorite shirt, the one with the snail on it, and d) despite the fact that my headphones give me a mild case of the Princess Leias.

5) I missed no scheduled runs and only one cross-training workout (I did miss several bootcamp classes, but only aerobic cross-training counts in my program).

6) I got my foot pain diagnosed and have a plan for treating it.

Here's hoping that I have another good month in March. With my half-marathon coming up on the 27th, may it come in and go out like a lamb (no more wind!).

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