Friday, September 9, 2011

Two Videos

Now that their book Run the Edge is out (review from me coming soon), Tim Catalano and Adam Goucher are spiffing up their interactive website for readers of the book. It's called The Mavens' Guild--check it out. They put this video up today--it seems especially relevant for me with my race coming up, and I bet it will speak to you too.

Also, because I'm already thinking about how to get stronger for Houston and one of the things I need more of is core work, here's a video with some simple exercises that Runners' World has up. I like the idea of having to do only three exercises twice a week. Is that too good to be true? I know some of you have some serious abs out there. What are your favorite core exercises? I'm especially interested in hearing from those of you who (like me) have or had major issues with diastasis post-pregnancy.


  1. Love the inspirational video, I love short clips like this because you can remember the words easier during a race when the times get tough. It's also what I love about the marathon, too...just how tough it is and how we have to dig deep to find something inside us we never knew was there. LOVE THAT!!

    I'll have to look at the core stuff tonight. I just got a new book at Borders, since it was 70% off, about more core work...a few things in it I hadn't tried before so am excited for that!

    Happy Weekend!! :)

  2. Very inspiring video! I need to bring some of that to my race this weekend.

  3. I can still stick four fingers between my abs and touch my guts, i don't think they will ever be back together. I have been doing there are a lot of core moves and it seems to have helped some but I think only surgery will really cure it. Thanks for sharing the video!