Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June Recap, July Preview

Since my hiatus from running began back in March, I haven't done monthly recaps. March, April and even May would have mostly said the same thing: "no running (maybe Alter-G), lots of recumbent bike."

As I'd hoped it would be, though, June was the magic month when running came back to me. So without further ado, here are the numbers:

I ran 9 miles on the Alter-G and 15.5 miles (approximately) at full weight for a grand total of 24.5 miles for the month of June. My running mileage total for the first half of 2012 is just under 300 miles. It's nothing like last year and nowhere near what I'd hoped it would be--but I'm content. (I didn't keep track of the miles I "rode" the recumbent bike because I was paying attention to heart rate, RPM and effort level instead of distance. Trust me when I say that I was on that thing a lot--and I'm still on it twice a week, at least for a while.)

Last week brought my first week in ages that included three runs. I did a very short and easy one on the treadmill on Saturday, followed by 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer (even a new machine felt like being let out of a cage). This week will feature four runs, but also a full day of rest tomorrow. I wonder if Darren is giving all of his runners the holiday off, or if it's just because he wants me to get ready for three runs in a row. The first of this week's runs, this morning's 35-minuter, was beautiful. I got up early and went to the park where Cynthia and I ran on gravel paths two weeks ago. A thunderstorm last night had cooled everything off (briefly), and the air smelled clean and sage-y. It was over much too quickly.

How is my back handling this? Not as well as I'd like. I can keep major pain at bay with Pilates moves and stretching. But I can't slack off of those two things at all. They must be done every day. And even with them, the back is stiff and sore most of the time, particularly in the mornings. My next physical therapy appointment is on July 17, two weeks from today. I'm wondering if Cathy is going to pull the plug on this--and order up a steroid shot for me. I suspect she will.

Anybody out there ever had a steroid shot in the back? How long did it take to kick in and make things better? Was there a lot of pain just after the injection? When I had one in my foot for the Morton's neuroma, things were markedly better in two days---but it hurt a lot initially.


  1. Maybe the back pain is a good thing in that it's forcing you to keep on the stretching?

    Your morning run sounds wonderful. I ran once with a friend last week and got up "early" (hey, 6:30 is early in the summer) to do it. Stunk getting up, but I sure love that feeling of accomplishing something first thing in the day...need to get back to that.

    Good luck with your upcoming appt!

  2.  glad you had a good run this morning and it was relatively cool weather wise.  I've never had a steroid shot but if it gets you past being in pain it will be worth it.  Yay for 24.5 miles in June and hopefully lots more than that in July!!!

  3. It sounds like you are on track for a great July! And you ran nearly as much in June as I did, so I think that's pretty impressive too. :-) Happy 4th.


  4. My mom gets steroid shots in her back all the time, but I confess I don't know how long they take to set in, seems like some take longer than others.

    So glad you are back to running, hope the back feels better soon!

    I wish we would get some rain here.  My Dad was thinking he would start combining wheat soon..the earliest he ever has.

  5. Arkansas Runner MomJuly 3, 2012 at 8:22 PM

    Never had a steroid shot in the back but I wish you the best!  I hope the second half of 2012 includes good health and many miles!  :-)

  6. It's such a cat and mouse game isn't it? We must keep all the body parts happy while trying to ramp up the running and sometimes thats harder than it sounds, thrilled your back running and enjoying and I'm trusting your coach to help you listen to your body to make this comeback as strong and pain free as possible.
    No experience with steroid shots. My bro has had them in his back. I'll ask him.

  7. I always enjoy these monthly recap posts.  Congrats on 3 runs- though I'm sorry that your back is high maintenance.  Do you think you'll have to do daily pilates indefinitely? Worth it for a happy back, but that's a lot to stay on top of!

  8. I think my stepdad has had steroid shots in his back, but I'm not sure how much they hurt.  My impression was that steroid shots hurt anywhere.  I had to get two in my butt before I delivered C and they hurt like crazy (different steroid, but still a steroid), but it got better once the knots on my tushie went down.

  9. Keeping my fingers crossed that you won't have to have one...I just can not stand the idea of a shot in the back....:shivers:

  10. That morning run sounds glorious!  I'm sorry to hear that your back isn't handling things so well pain wise.  I've never had a steroid shot either.  If you have to get one, I hope it does the trick and quickly!