Saturday, March 26, 2011

Playlist and Giveaway Winner

Can a good playlist cover up an ear infection? I sure hope so. Because I'm pretty sure this cold has turned into my old childhood nemesis.

Today I talked to the weekend on-call doc at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine (I love those guys). He recommended a couple of OTC drugs and said, "Yeah, you can run the race as long as you have no fever." I'm supposed to go in and see them on Monday to make sure I don't need antibiotics.

But Monday is forever away...because it's after the race, which starts a little more than 12 hours from now.

Therefore, I have taken my first OTC pill and assembled my playlist for tomorrow. My strategy for music will be to slog out the first half of the race with no tunes, as I've done on all my long training runs out there. Then, just after the turnaround, I'll fire it up. It's right on an hour, which I hope means I won't actually hear the last song (because I'll be finished!).

Here's the line-up:

1. "Take Me Home, Country Roads"--John Denver (good for a backroads race, right?)
2. "If I Should Fall from Grace with God"--Pogues (we had an Irish punk Pandora station on for St. Paddy's Day)
3. "The Cave"--Mumford & Sons
4. Mix of "Sandstorm" by Da Rude and "Children" by Robert Miles (got this from spin class)
5. "Roll Away Your Stone"--Mumford & Sons
6. "Private Conversation"--Lyle Lovett
7. "Lift Me Up"--Moby (also from spin class; this is one of my new favorite songs)
8. "Little Lion Man"--Mumford & Sons
9. "Sorrow"--Bad Religion
10. "The Seven Deadly Sins"--Flogging Molly (more Irish punk--love it)
11. "Let Your Mind Be Free" (more techno from spin class; don't know the artist; my incredibly cool spin teacher just gave me her disc)
12. "Boot Scootin' Baby" (also from spin class; very cheesy...and very fast)
13. "Ring of Fire"--Social Distortion
14. "Sandstorm"--Da Rude (the only track that's on here twice)
15. "Cotton Eye Joe"--Rednex (from spin class; the really weird video for this is embedded above)
16. "Come On, Get In"--K.T. Tunstall

Let's hope that's good for a winner!

Now, without further ado, the winner of the Justin's Nut Butter is Teamarcia of The Studly Runner. Marcia, congratulations! Shoot me an email at terzahbecker [a] and I'll get these out to you next week. Thanks to everyone who entered. I'll be taking all of your good wishes with me tomorrow.


  1. The "The Cave", and can you ever go wrong with John Denver!

  2. NO WAY!!! No lie I was in REI today fondling the little packs of this very stuff and resisted. I am so happy---THANKS!

    feel better and go rock that race!