Saturday, August 13, 2011

20 Miles!

If this $5 note were in miles, I'd have four of them!

Running 20 miles is sort of like dying and it's also sort of like rising from the dead.

5 Ways Running 20 Miles is Like Dying (As I Understand Dying):

1. You start out the run (like you start out life) feeling great. You end it feeling stiff, sore, a touch nauseous and old.

2. You smell really bad when you're done (or at least I do!).

3. Strange associations come into your mind. Like how when Frodo and his friends were fleeing the evil wraiths in The Fellowship of the Ring and, after they barely made a river ferry that saved them, discussed how the next crossing down was the "Brandywine Bridge! 20 MILES."

Don't know if I could outrun him, especially if he had a horse (thanks for the image).

And you wonder how fast the Ringwraiths could do the distance...faster than you, that's for sure. If you were a hobbit with an all-powerful Ring, you'd be dead.

4. You become less and less aware of your surroundings as you go along. Yeah, that truck backing out of his driveway....lucky thing that happened in mile 2.

5. The only foods that sit well (well being a relative term) are liquid.

5 Ways Running 20 Miles is Like Rising From the Dead (As I Understand Rising from the Dead):

1. When you start out you're alone, it's dark and somewhat chilly and the only lights come from the streetlamps. As you go, the light grows and grows, the traffic increases and birds and bugs and dogs out for walks keep you company.

2. Your body at the beginning is no different than it usually is. By the end of the 20 miler, it's a different organism altogether. Walking feels so good, it's like you just emerged from the tomb. Taking your shoes off? Amazing!

3. Your Camelbak gets lighter and lighter, until it's barely there, floating behind you like wings.

4. Those kids selling lemonade at the garage sale where you hit magic mile 20? They look like angels from heaven, especially because you thought ahead and brought the $2 they're asking for a Large size.

5. When you get home, your husband and kids are waiting for you. And they have chocolate milk and a shower with them in there. Later your husband takes you to Wahoo Fish Tacos. You feel alive. You feel like your training plan is working. You haven't run 20 miles at one stretch in six years. You still have it in you, old girl that you are.


  1. 20 can be tough!

    I just bought some lemonade for a quarter here in Texas. I guess everything costs more in CO!

  2. If I ran 20 miles I would be dead...You go girl!!!! Great job!

  3. Nice work! And what a great family to be be there waiting with treats!

  4. You ROCK! I love this post. And you are NOT an old girl. Quit it. :)

    Congrats on the awesome 20. Yay!!!

    Hey, what is your goal in TOU? Want a friend/pacer? :) If Pocatello goes as I hope I am not going to "race" TOU.

  5. That is awesome! Great post. I live in Erie so we are close by. I ran BB this year as well. It is too fun to pass up.


  6. $20 for a large lemonaide? You obviously live in Boulder County ;). Wahoo Fish Tacos will recive all dead things, I am ceratin - yummy!!! Happy to hear your 20-miler went very still got it, girl!! :)

  7. Opps, I meant $2..which is still outrageous!