Monday, May 2, 2011

April Recap

We are back in Boulder, and very glad about it! Traveling with my kids is getting easier and easier, but I still won't call it easy. Tomorrow I face my first altitude run in about 10 days. Cross your fingers for me....

Here's my recap of April:

--I was named a ZOOMA Colorado ambassador. The first training run of the program is this weekend in Boulder. Wanna come? Go here and sign up! We'll be going five miles along the shady and cool Boulder Creek Path.

--I ran 91.5 miles. That total is getting back up there.

--I attended eight 1-hour spin classes, my last at the rec center until the fall (sniff). I did find out that Tammy teaches an early spin class at another club in town. I may break down and pay for that each week. It's on Fridays, which isn't ideal since my long run is always the next day...but then again it may freshen up my legs.

--I made it to five 45-minute bootcamp classes.

--I did two tough runs: the Mesa Trail 10-miler and the 15-miler in Missouri. Except because both runs had fun aspects to them, they didn't feel tough. It was good to get away from the Reservoir.

Among the things I didn't get done: my next giveaway (just didn't work out due to the timing of the Missouri trip) and the two running workshops I thought were happening (turns out they were scheduled for May, not April as I had thought). All of that should occur this month, along with our move (!). There will also be lots more ZOOMA runs, the Bolder Boulder on Memorial Day...and the onset of training for the Top of Utah Marathon.


  1. Awesome month Terzah. Great job. Really. I just called my bookie and placed $100 that you will BQ in September.

  2. Congrats on the ambassadorship! I wish we had a Zooma series race around here. I love CO and would love to make it to Boulder one of these years.
    Looks like you had a great month!