Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some Days You Just Don't Have It...

...and today was one of those days. I tried to run 10 miles. From the beginning, it felt like I was running with a ball and chain around my leg. At mile six I had to stop and take care of a gut emergency in the bathroom of a medical clinic. Once I finished there, I started running again...but failed to hit the right button to re-start my Garmin and didn't realize it for what I think was about a half-mile. So I re-started it then, hoping to soldier on, but in the end, disheartened and still dragging despite the lighter tummy, I gave up at about 7.5 miles.

It's the first time in months that I failed to complete a run as planned. I'm not sure why it happened, but it was probably a combo of factors: poor sleep this week (my kids are loving the trip, but not the being away from their own beds part of it); poor eating this week; 15 miles last weekend; and (ironically) no cross-training, which keeps my engine humming--I just haven't managed it between all the visiting and other non-routine activities away from home.

Not meeting a training run's goal always puts me in a grumpy mood. When I got back to my mom's house (we're in Columbia again after returning from Macon on Thursday), it took some guacamole and a mug of hot tea to make me feel sort of normal again. Though I know today's run doesn't bode well for my return to altitude, I'm looking forward to getting back to Boulder and our normal routine.

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  1. It happens to everyone and sometimes, there's no real (obvious) meaning behind it. The next one will be better!

    Is your husband going to Helsinkini, btw? Mine goes to a town near Russia, about 3 hrs. north of there. You're not missing a ton by not going, but it is a neat cultural experience. Tell him he has to do the sauna!