Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Lucky Two-In-A-Day Day

Kathy and me after our 5 RLAM miles.

Today I faced a dilemma. I have vowed that no matter how lazy I feel in the next two months before marathon training starts I will run no fewer than 10 miles on any of my weekend long runs. But today marked the anniversary of one of my favorite running books, Run Like a Mother, and one of the authors, Dimity McDowell (who--lucky me--lives in Denver), threw a big party and invited readers to come celebrate with a five-mile or 5K run, some yoga, some prizes, and some cupcakes. My friend Kathy could go (though she needed to do 10 today too). Dan had no problem with me going. How could we say no?

So I fell back on plan B to get my 10 miles in: the ol' two-in-a-day.

Yes, folks, I drove down to Denver bright and early, ran a cool and breezy five miles with Kathy (and a whole bunch of other fans of the book), learned some wonderful stretches from a yoga teacher at Qi City Park, ate an amazing Caramel Salt cupcake (nope, that's not in the Quick Start plan, but I figured it would be fuel for later), won (!) a copy of Dimity's next book (Train Like a Mother, due out next year), had tea with Kathy and then drove back to Boulder.

I was so high from the morning's fun that I stopped at the Dick's Sporting Goods at Flatiron Crossing Mall and registered for the Bolder Boulder--and scored a free race poster signed by the artist. (True, everyone else who signed up for the race got one too, but it was a nice surprise to me.) My lucky day on several counts!

Back home, I fixed lunch for my kids...and set out on my *second* five miles as they were going down for their nap (they are still asleep as I type--did I mention this was my lucky day?). I thought it would be more difficult solo, without Kathy's company and the promise of yoga and a cupcake at the end (and after already having done five earlier)--but I felt great. The sun, largely absent this morning, had emerged, but the cool breeze was still there, and I had my half-marathon playlist going.

Now, I'm home, showered and feeling inspired ahead of the next six weeks of 10K training and weight loss. Thanks to Dimity (if she's reading this--that would be lucky indeed) for the party, to Kathy for hanging out and to Lady Luck for the prizes.

I think I'll take Dan and the kids out for (cheese-free, whole-wheat) pizza tonight! And maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.....

Here's the first five-miler, mostly in Denver's City Park:

Here's the second one back home in good old Boulder:


  1. RE: barefoot in grass

    I don't think there is any ONE way to run barefoot. Neil offered me those suggestions as a way to get started. I guess some pretty scary things can be lurking in grass, its hard to see where you're landing. But if it's in a controlled environment (like the athletic field), I'm sure its not an issue. And I agree: the grass feels great!

  2. Awesome runs! Glad you got them done. Running in Denver has to be tough at that altitude! GREAT JOB on signing up for the race too!