Monday, April 25, 2011

Weighty Issues

Visiting with your family, when you're not around them all the time, is interesting.

A lot of my extended family members have been following this blog through Facebook and so they know that I'm trying to qualify for Boston (or run Boston...some have asked me, "So have you done that Boston thing yet?" Don't I wish!).

Yesterday, my mom, kids, sister and I went up to my dad and stepmom's house for Easter dinner (my parents are divorced but luckily get along well). One of my aunts and her husband and one of my uncles and his wife were also there--it was quite a crowd. And somehow, as we dished up green bean casserole, creamed corn, glazed ham and other foods patently NOT on the Quick Start Racing Weight program, the subject of my weight came up.

One of my aunts, sitting next to me, told me I look thin. I told her I'd lost a few pounds thanks to the running. She told me not to lose more weight. I told her I do plan to lose a few more pounds, but that I was doing it safely. She asked how much (this particular aunt is a straight shooter, which is refreshing), and I told her I'd like to lose another 13 pounds to get down to 120 in time for the marathon.

Her eyebrows shot up. "That's too much," she said. "I'm 5'2" and my doctor told me that I could weigh up to 130 without being overweight. You're four inches taller than I am, and you have broad shoulders." I told her that I weighed 116 in high school. She said, "Well, you're not in high school any more." And later she told my mom that I was looking "too thin."

I admit....I kind of basked in this. For four years now I've been on the heavy side of healthy, and it was nice to have aunts tut-tutting over my weight being too low again. Of course she didn't convince me to change anything (other than to have another bite of green bean casserole and get back to Quick Start later), but it did make me think again about the difference between "racing" weight and "healthy" weight. I look "healthy" at 130. But I know I'll run better at 120, as long as I can keep the loss in fat and not in muscle.

The sea level running continues to be fun. This morning I went to the local rec center and knocked off 6X800 on the treadmill, dipping into the high 6-something minute/mile paces for the last ones. Not something that happens often at home. My legs felt quite good despite the 15 miles on Saturday. Ah, home!

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  1. I there's a difference in being thin, and being "runner-thin" - as long as you still have good energy, I'd say you're okay. To answer your question earlier - yeah, leg extensions really help with your lower quads and aid in strenthing the knees and help with down-hills. Just be careful not to go too heavy with the weight - this is an exercise if not done properly, that has been known to hurt runners. Have a great day!