Friday, April 1, 2011

March Recap

So I've decided to just bag this Boston thing. I'm tired and I miss drinking wine, sleeping in, those extra four pounds....

......April Fool!

March always feels like the longest month ever to me, and this one was no I'm very happy to bring you that lame joke of an intro...and the March Recap.

1) I ran a mere 87.6 miles due to tapering, but the month did include a new half-marathon PR in last Sunday's Boulder Spring Half Marathon. For the year, I am up to 283.1 miles.

2) I attended five 1-hour spin classes and six 45-minute bootcamp classes. I also swam/kickboarded three times for about 20-25 minutes each.

3) I got the worst cold I had all winter, but missed only one run (an easy 3 miler, so no huge loss) and one scheduled cross-training workout.

4) I learned that Jelly Bellies work pretty well with my touchy gut, but I also learned (in the race) that I still need to work on my mid-run fueling. It always seems to be too much (resulting in humiliating ditch episodes) or too little (woman cannot run on Jelly Bellies alone).

5) I hosted my first giveaway. This one was of Justin's Nut Butter. I also ate some myself. Yum!

6) I learned that you guys want more photos on this blog. I will do my best!

April will feature some fun things, including 10K training, this blog's first guest post, another book review, a trip to sea level (woo hoo! oxygen!) and attendance at some workshops focused on running form and barefoot running. Stay tuned for reports on all of that! Now I'm off to take a pair of four-year-olds to a train museum.


  1. More photos please ... but I like reading your blog without them! Have a good one!

  2. Cool... another BQ by 40 blog... thanks for the email.

    When did you start yours? Mine started after my 3:39 Flying Pig Marathon in May 2008. Also... thanks for pointing out the lack of archives links--I changed themes and forgot to re-add. was my original BQx40 blog.

  3. Jim--THANK YOU! I like your blog too. Can't wait for your Boston report.

    Thomas--Thanks for reading! I promise I didn't steal your title. I've only been blogging since October. I will go check out your archive! Did the Runner's World dude interview you too?