Thursday, June 14, 2012

7 Randoms, 5 Things I'm Loving and 5 Days Until Tuesday

Countdown to my return to running: T minus five days, and tick tick tick.....

Beth over at Shut Up + Run recently posted five things she's loving and invited others to do the same. I'm not good with product reviews (my motto with gear is, if it's cheap and serviceable, I'll use it, and I have no brand loyalty), but there actually are a few items I want to mention this time.

I'll start with something decidedly non-commercial.

1. Girlfriend time!

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that my weekly hikes up Boulder's Mt. Sanitas with my friend Christine were a fixture for a long time. We never ran, but we'd try to get a little higher each week, until a sick kid, or a sick one of us, or a trip, or the busyness of life set us back. But we'd just start trying again, having lots of laughs on the way up and down for one fun hour at dawn every week.

Well, she moved south of Boulder and I moved north of Boulder, and it's gotten more difficult to meet up. But I'm happy to say we managed it this morning. It was beautiful, despite the smoke that blew in toward the end from the horrific High Park Fire (now over 50,000 acres and counting--please pray for those affected).

Christine and me at sunrise!
That's Green Mountain to the south, where Dan and I hiked on our anniversary. The sky was lovely and blue until the smoke came in.
That's not all the girlfriend time on tap for today, however. Tonight Cynthia and I are going to see this guy:

Scott Jurek; thanks to for the photo
He's doing a Q&A and signing copies of his new book Eat and Run in Boulder tonight. Cynthia's bringing her camera, so there may even be photos to prove we were there, next to his fat-free endurance god goodness. Maybe some of it will rub off (I have to say, though I was vegetarian for a few years, I don't think I'll ever be talked into being vegan--I just like dairy too much).

2. My new trail shoes:

Mizuno Wave Ascend 6
As a "pioneer" member of Mizuno Running USA's Mezamashii Project, I got to choose a pair of any Mizuno shoes I wanted for free. A huge lucky break!!

After my trip up Green Mountain with Dan on our anniversary, which featured a couple of falls on the loose gravel of the descent, I decided I needed some real trail shoes. Since I'm not running yet, I haven't been able to take them for a real test drive. But I did wear them on one of my Alter-G runs and I wore them up Sanitas this morning. The Sanitas trail is just as steep in spots as Green Mountain--and I did not slip once (notice the tire-like tread on these babies?). My back and I were both exultant about this.

I haven't decided if I'll be wearing these or my Brooks Pure Flows for Tuesday's return to running. It's on a gravel path, but it's so flat that it hardly qualifies as a trail. We'll see.

3. The American Library Association Annual Conference in Anaheim. The big library love-fest is next week, and I get to go. For five days it will be me and thousands of other librarians and guy-brarians (the affectionate name for that rare beast, the male librarian), mingling in all our geeky glory. These conferences are intense, but I'm hoping to get some early morning runs in while I'm there.

4. Green smoothies. The Green Smoothie Challenge is going great for me. Almost halfway through the month, I haven't missed a day, and I'm all stocked up on packets of Vega One for the conference trip next week.

A couple of things I've learned about making smoothies: having crushed ice really helps the consistency and pleasure factor of the smoothie; you really don't taste the spinach at all; and to blend best, put your greens powder, ice, almond milk and banana in first, then put the spinach on top of them (at least, that works best for my clunky old blender).

5. This book:

I'm not normally much of a mystery reader, nor have I ever read Jane Austen fan fiction (because, let's be honest here, 99.8% of all fan fiction sucks), but I'm enjoying this one.

Moving on to another list......

Earlier this month Michelle at average girl doing average things tagged me with the One Lovely Blogger award. Since I think I was at the end of the line on this, I won't post the rules or the logo or tag anyone else (though you should consider yourself tagged if you haven't been!).

What I will do is tell you seven random things that have nothing to do with physical therapy!

1. I wanted to be an astronaut for a little while when I was a kid. Then I found out that it would probably be really hard to be an astronaut with motion sickness issues. Since I start feeling sick in the back seat of a car in about, oh, 20 seconds, I changed my mind about my career path.

2. My maiden name is Ewing. I love the name, but I suffered through multiple references to the 80s show Dallas as a kid. Now that they are bringing the show back, I'm not regretting my decision to take Dan's last name (not that I regretted it anyway, but you know what I mean).

3. I'm hoping someday to do some fell running in the U.K. I dream about this kind of terrain and weather when it's especially hot and dry here. (Speaking of motion sickness, the video made me a little dizzy.....)

4. My daughter currently wants to be a boy (specifically, she wants to be Luke Skywalker) and my son has been known to play with Barbies. It cracks me up. I guess if they switched, I'd still have a boy and a girl, right?

5. My favorite breed of dog is the greyhound. Does anyone know if people with allergies can live with them? My husband and son are both allergic to dogs. Not can't-breathe-hives allergic, but red-eyed-sneezy allergic.

6. My spate of not taking crap from rude library patrons continued the other night. A particularly officious female patron with whom we've been dealing for a long time needed to go down to the circulation desk for an issue she was having with a hold on a book. She sniffed, "I am NOT going back down those stairs." To which I replied, "Well, you'll have to if you want to leave." (People are so lazy about the stairs there. I'm not talking about the disabled or moms with strollers or people who really need the elevator. I'm talking about the majority of the able-bodied, who should use the stairs because they're better for you.)

7. Dan and I are trying to decide if our kids, at 5 1/2, are old enough to fly on their own to see their grandma. It's a one hour flight. We can take them all the way to the gate, and my mom can meet them at the gate on the other end. Will wants to do it. Ruthie's not sure. My mom is game, and my sister is there if she needs help.

Do you think a pair of 5.5-year-old twins can handle a one-hour flight on their own (one of their classmates recently flew alone to see her aunt in Washington D.C.)? Could you ever be vegan? Any other Mezamashii/Mizuno free-shoe recipients out there?


  1. I don 't know that I could be Vegan but ai have never really considered it either. How did you get in the Mizuno project thing?  I have only ever had one pair of Mizunos and they didn't fit very good, but I know people who do love them.  Is that what you normally wear?

  2. I NEED to be part of this project since Mizuno is my middle name! NEED to! I could be vegan, especially if I had a personal chef. 
    I shudder about the kids flying alone...but they have each other...and it's a short fight. My MIL has been pressuring us to do this since the beginning of time but I won't. Me not liking her At. All. has much to do with it.

  3. If you think the kids can sit still for an hour, then I think they'll be fine.  They'll be watched by the flight attendant -- and as you say, you hand them off and grandma picks them up at the gate.  

  4. I'm pretty sure greyhounds are non-allergenic, I am almost positive whippets are and they are the same skinny dog category, so probably.  I'm sure you have a reference book about it somewhere... though you will have to climb some stairs! 

    I could never ever go vegan.  Or kosher.  I just love crispy bacon way too much.  Mmm bacon...
    And I think it depends on the airline (do they have a good track record of dealing with minors?) and the twins maturity (some 5.5 yrs would be def not, but I'm guessing yours would be better.  I would probably tend to let my son "he'll be fine", but my husband would be more cautious.

    And have fun at the library conference!

  5. wow!  how cool is that! free new shoes!    So much to comment about on this blog post - I'll do that in person later...BUT free new shoes are definitely worth a mention!  ;)

  6. Girlfriend (and guyfriend) time rocks.

    Now I get your Ewing post. :)

    Very cool about the free shoes.  Man, I'm jealous. :) But happy for you.

    Library conference sounds super cool (not being sarcastic here.  I'd love to be a librarian.  At least, I think I would.)

    You know your kids better than anyone.  That said, I personally wouldn't have been comfortable sending my < 6 year old(s) on a plane alone.  But again, you guys know your kids best.

  7. Girl time! That's something I need to schedule in more often.  Your new trail shoes look great! I have no idea on the 5 year olds, I think it totally depends on the kid, but it seems like two of them together is a lot better than one alone... tough call!

  8. I'm going to ALA! Feel free to message if you'd like a librarian run partner while in Anaheim :)

  9. Sad thing....I can't even remember what type of kids my twins were 5.5.  I'd have to say I'd be scared to death to let them fly alone, but I may be thinking more 2.5 - awe, what the heck do I know.  Go with your heat!

    I wanted to be a fighter pilot and looked into it seriously...until I also realized I have motion sickness.  What a fine pair we make.
    Glad you're getting in some quality girl time.  FUN!

  10. this is a packed post!!!
    ok for the kids....for me I would not do it yet. but that is just me.

    yes I could be vegan...I am very close to that already
    you are lucky to go see Scott Jurek!!!

    Luke Skywalker is VERY cool.

    Yes for me Mizuno!!! cannot wait to get mine!!!

    you are coming to CA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am leaving for Quebec Tuesday..this sucks! I woud have come to Anaheim to see you for sure!

  11. Woohoo for free shoes and a return to the dawn hikes! 

    I also wanted to be an astronaut and changed my mind for the same reason, how funny is that!I couldn't even begin to give you advice on the flight...but then Avery's only 10 months old.  :)

  12. have fun in the OC for the conference. not sure about greyhounds, but you definitely do no want a Husky when it comes to allergies.

  13. I wanted to be Luke Skywalker when I was a kid too. And I always wanted to be a boy - until around the age of 18 :/  Dogs that have hair rather than fur are good for folks with allergies - poodles have hair, and other breed, but I don't think grayhounds have hair. And I can say that my 5 1/2 year old wouldn't want to fly by herself, and I'd be a basket case! But it might be different for twins.
    And as you already know, I've been a veggie for 30 years, but vegan??? don't think I want to go there - but all our dairy is organic and from real free range animals - preferably local. My issues concern animal treatment, so I try my best on that.
    And I'm pretty darn jealous of your Mizuno deal.

  14. Love love love the blog! 

    Of course, you know your kids best.  They would in all likelihood be fine.  That said, I would be nervous about sending two 5.5 year olds on a plane.  A dear friend was on a flight with her two five year old twins when one had an allergic reaction to the nuts -- despite never having a nut allergy previously!  Emergency landing -- the whole 9 yards.  Yes, it was a bit of a fluke. But i guess I would still worry.