Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Arrives in Earnest!

Will in a kid's natural habitat (leaves, not box)
Fall has arrived in Colorado in earnest. Yesterday after my husband Dan got home from work, he and the kids raked the golden leaves that now are covering our front yard into a giant pile--and played like crazy in it. My beloved St. Louis Cardinals defeated Dan's beloved Philadelphia Phillies in a classic pitchers' duel for the National League Division Championships last night (that was a tense night).

One person here was NOT happy after this game.
This morning I went for a run and found the long-talked-of cold front that has supposedly been stalking us had finally arrived. Dan had said to expect rain, too. When I left for my 90 minutes at about 7 a.m. (ah, sleeping in!), there was no rain yet, but it was in the 40s, with a chilly leaf-rattling breeze and low clouds. I LOVED it! When the drizzle started, it just felt good.

I left the Garmin at home and concentrated on keeping the pace easy. I also added some hilliness by running up and down a grid of streets that are on the side of a semi-steep hill near my house, weaving down from 3rd Ave. to 2nd, then running a flat block east, then running back up to 3rd. This lasted a good 20 minutes or so. I'm going to try to keep my long runs hilly as they build back up in time and miles this cycle.

I also left the music at home. I haven't run with music since the Top of Utah Marathon. I'm going to reserve it for really speedy workouts, tempo runs and races.

Kathy and me after last spring's Run Like a Mother anniversary run in Denver
Another sign of fall? All the marathons this weekend, and next, and into November! I'd like to send a special shout-out to my friend Kathy who is running her FIRST full marathon in Portland tomorrow morning. Kathy was in every race I ran this summer except Top of Utah. She has been training hard for her big one this weekend with a great group of women who all live near her in the southern suburbs of Denver. She is going to do so well!! Good luck, Kathy!


  1. We're settled into a stretch of indian summer, so high 70's today and 80's tomorrow! Can't wait til we get our Fall :)

  2. Good for you getting out there! I wimped...hope it's warmer tomorrow. :)

  3. I bet your boys had so much fun in the leaves! Jumping in a pile of leaves is on the top of my son's fall fun list, but we don't ever get enough to really jump in.

    Now that it has stopped raining I am glad the cold front is here too!

  4. We live near St. Louis, so the Cardinals' end of season rally has been a BIG DEAL in our house.

    The leaves...DEFINITELY a kid's natural habitat. We were doing an outdoor activity at school on Wednesday, and the breeze blew a ton of leaves off the trees. The kids were SO excited by the leaves fluttering down around them. :)

  5. I just woke up to find it misting a little outside here in Portland. If it doesn't get any heavier, the race might go off "fairly dry" - let's keep our fingers crossed!

  6. I love fall. We've been having a mini fall here - but temps are supposed to be up in the 90s again this week. I'm enjoying it while I can!

    And I LOVE running in a drizzle! Good for you for doing it!

  7. Portland was absolutely ideal. Cool clouds the whole way with two bouts of drizzle right when I needed them the most. My only question ... when did the gentle incline towards the St John's Bridge turn into Mt Everest???

  8. Oh, I hope your friend, Katie, did well in Portland! I get so excited when people run their first marathon!

    It was so miserable here yesterday morning. Ryan had a 2-mile race in our neighborhood from the school to support the marching band. It started at 9am. It was raining when I woke and by the time we drove 2 minutes to the race start, it was snowing. It then proceeded to sleet and then a blizzard for about 10 minutes. I was working the timing machine and my toes were frozen solid. Took 4 hours to thaw them when I got home. Haha. You must have fared better in the weather dept than me. Today, thankfully, was really nice :).

    Loving the leave picture with your wee-one!! :) ENJOY this awesome weather this week!

  9. Based on your blog, I think being a Card's fan is the only thing I DON'T like about you! Ha. I'm Royal-Blue-Thru-n-Thru! Have to respect the Card's though! (But not your manager ... can't respect alcoholic cheaters ... but the Card's rich history - Yes!)

  10. Box and leaves are good toys for Will. In my opinion this is the better season to race and for the workouts. How can you run without Garmin and music? Indeed I don't listen music only if I run with friends and during the races.
    P.S.: This is the 3rd pc I change to write my comment. I didn't succeed in posting.

  11. I'm originally from Missouri, so I am a Cardinals fan too!!! So excited for them (although that was a bad game yesterday...ugh). I love that you and your husband are on competing teams. Hehe. I am a KC Chiefs fan and my husband is a Broncos fan, so it can get pretty heated on Sundays. :)

    I am loving this weather, I really am. I tend to run so much better in the cool weather.

    I love the pic of your little one in the box. Too cute!