Monday, November 7, 2011

Mario Bet Winner and a Couple of Blog Recommendations

There was a lot of great news from the New York Marathon today, including a new course record. Congratulations to all of you who ran, especially Carrie and Erin.

And unless my race-time stalking powers betray me, Mario Lopez ran a 4:23:31. That means Tricia of Running, Life, Etc. is our big winner. Her guess of 4:23:11 was uncannily close. By the way, I heartily recommend Tricia's blog. She is going to run her first marathon next year, and it will be really fun to read about her training as she heads for success. She's really good at keeping it real, too.

My friend Kathy suggested I post about my experience running NYC in 2005. Since it's such ancient history at this point, I'll just list a few highlights. I do think this is a race everyone who loves running marathons should do. It won't be your fastest time, but every step is memorable.

The highlights for me were:

  • the fabulous summer and fall of training that led up to it, including running in Hawaii on our honeymoon, running in my first relay and running a 5K PR
  • forgetting my bra and borrowing one the morning of the race (thank God it fit, and didn't chafe!)
  • running on the top of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge (yes, I got the top deck! almost as lucky as winning the lottery first try, which also happened)
  • seeing my husband, in-laws and friend Wendy twice on the course (Wendy used her NYC savvy to get them around)
  • sticking with a really great pacer woman to run what was a PR at the time (the other pacer for our level gave in to the high 70s temps and couldn't maintain it)
Heading toward Central Park with a few miles yet to go; I'm in the blousy orange shorts; no one wore running skirts back then as far as I know

  • getting a sponge from the Sponge Bob people
  • entering Central Park at last
  • after the finish, telling the pacer that my next goal was to have a baby. Who knew we'd end up having *two* at once?
  • eating an amazing meal wearing my medal at the Blue Water Grill with Dan, my wonderful in-laws (who traveled all the way from Pennsylvania to watch me run), Wendy and my other old friend, Jim
Dan and I celebrate with his mom and step-dad, Patrick, at the Blue Water Grill

Good times!

Thanks for suggesting this, Kathy. Kathy is a new blogger. She ran her first marathon in Portland last month and has two more planned (including Houston with me!) early next year. Read about her journey at got to keep on running long.


  1. Dang! Tricia hedged me out! I think the New York Marathon would be so cool to do and reading your experience makes me want to do it even more. I will check out Kathy and Tricia's blog!

  2. Forgot your bra! Oh, man, thank goodness you were able to borrow one.

    It's definitely cool to be able to look back on past races and share about them with those of us who are newer to your blog. Or the races that happened pre-blog (which, for me, are zero). 2005 doesn't seem all that long ago...isn't it amazing how much changes in such a "short" time?

  3. Forgetting your bra?? ack!!! I would have gone into meltdown mode...and I don't do that easily :-)

  4. Who is still faster than Mario? This girl is!!! Sponge Bob sponge people ... LOVE IT!!

  5. I guess I'm a pretty good guesser -- that is too funny.

  6. I guess I owe you 5 virtual cents! :)

  7. Thanks for the shout out! It was an awesome race. Such a great experiences!!!

  8. wow i am faster than mario, that kinda boosts my ego in a strange way :)

  9. I overstimated Mario! I hope not to do the same with me, so I will keep secret my foresight.
    Interesting highlights and beautiful pictures.