Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sick Kid and Weight Check-In

Over the weekend my daughter came down with a nasty virus called hand-foot-and-mouth disease. It's given her horrible sores inside her mouth, so painful she can't eat much of anything. At first she had a fever, too. That seems to be gone, but the pain in her mouth--and her grumpiness because eating is so hard--are still there. This is her third day home from preschool. According to the doctor, she should feel much better within a day or two.

I haven't missed any runs or spin class due to this, but I did miss weight training yesterday staying home with her in the morning (still hoping to be able to do that chin-up at some point). As for today, I was supposed to have a day off work, and I planned to go out to lunch with Jill at last. But it wasn't to be. I was really unhappy about this. It's not the first time I've had to cancel something fun because one or both of my kids got sick. I haven't mentioned it, but I've been dreading cold and flu season for weeks, watching as my friends and their kids have come down with various kinds of crud and wondering when it would move to our house.

Now that it's here (in addition to his sister's situation, my son has a cold--nothing horrible so far, but he's a sneezy, snotty mess), I'm feeling more sanguine. If we can keep Will from catching Ruthie's bug, I'd say there are even some good things about this timing:
  • We're traveling in a week and a half for Thanksgiving; these illnesses should have run their course by then
  • Their 5th birthday party is three weeks from this weekend; I'd hate to have this happen then
  • I am not yet to the truly hard, high-mileage weeks of my marathon training program, where there's guilt about leaving the kids so much with Dan even when they're well and where I'm more susceptible to viruses myself
  • Sick kids nap a lot; so do the parents who stay home with them; I'm getting more sleep this week than I usually do because I'm not at work
Small blessings, right?

In other news, my eating is NOT going well. I couldn't weigh in at the gym yesterday because I didn't go, but this morning after spin class I got on the scale at home. The Halloween candy appears to have caught up with me:

Weight--131 (so bummed to see a 3 on the scale again)
Body Fat--22.1%

Blech. Oh well. Maybe it's Mario's revenge for the bet on his NYC marathon time.

I know what I need to do: stop the creeping snacking, stop using the miles as an excuse for eating junk and stop the portion ballooning. I've definitely gone through worse eating patches, and I'm still making Mario's recipes, but it's time to get back to the straight and narrow.

At least I don't have sores in my mouth. Knock on wood.


  1. OH NO!! I hate hand-foot-and mouth disease, and for some reason, pre-schools are a friggin' breeding ground for that gunk!!! :( So sorry your little bean got it!! No fun AT ALL! Crossing my fingers that no one else in your fam get's it or any other bug!!
    Don't feel bad about your being back in the "3" range. I gained 4 lbs the last few weeks and I am creeping back towards the "5" range...UGH!!! Not fun!!!!

  2. If I could only get hand-foot-mouth disease, then maybe I'd keep my fingers out of the leftover Halloween Reese's cups!!

    I have always lost weight during marathon training in the past but this round I am finding it VERY difficult to nudge the scale in the right direction. Not sure why...maybe the Reese's have something to do with it but I think it's also the climate and my age. Bleh! I also need to stop thinking I have an extra 5000 calories for the day I run a long run! You will get there, if there is one thing I have learned about you, it's that you are very determined and a determined mind will provide success!!

    Sorry again about today but we will meet soon!! :)

  3. I think I had that when I was younger. all I remember is my mouth full of sores and not being able to eat anything.

    This time of year is so hard to lose weight! Ugh don't be discouraged, keep on keeping on!

  4. The struggle with eating is the BAIN OF MY EXISTENCE!!! I'm probably better than most, but I always have an ideal running weight that I shoot for and I cannot seem to control my binge eating!

  5. Oh man... I am so sorry she isn't feeling well and so hope she is feeling better asap and that her brother doesn't get it!

    Don't stress the weight too much... ups and downs of a few pounds are not a big deal and are normal. :)

  6. You know, when I want to drop a few pounds I just start tracking food. For me it keeps me out of the snacks if I have to own it later. There's a iphone app that is also a web page: that lets you put in your exercise for the day and then put in your food. I like the interface -- not using it currently but as soon as I see the scale go up, I just start logging in and updating and suddenly stop snacking and drinking wine (which is usually my trigger -- a glass a day is really wasted calories that add up)

    Completely under the category ow whatever works.

    Good luck on getting rid of foot-hand and mouth and not having your son get it.

  7. I am so so sorry about the kids. I know how tough that is. We've never had to deal with hand foot and mouth but I have friends who have and it just sounds awful. Especially if it is in the mouth! Sorry about the scale. I am sure I am in the same boat. My battery died on the scale so ignorance is bliss right now for me!

  8. Ah, Terzah, I know I sound like a broken record but as they get older their immune systems will be bullet-proof. My kids are living proof of that. We never had hand-foot-and-mouth but Evan kept getting impetigo (nothing that would slow him down but we had to quarantine at home until the sores healed as it was SO contagious). Don't stress the weight, I've crept up a bit too - thanks to tapering, Halloween, and all the at work snacks (autumn means lots of well wishers bearing baked goods - bless and curse them!) Time to get back on track!!

  9. Oh no hope everyone feels better soon! Sorry you missed out on meeting Jill, what a bummer! However I must say I'm a little irritated with her right now....I had completely forgotten about the Halloween candy until she mentioned and now I just ate 2 pieces... thanks Jill...

  10. Please tell Julie she shouldn't be reading other's comments.... ;)

  11. Ugh - sick kids = sucktastic. As for the scale, it's so so so hard this time of the year. Between Halloween, T-Day and Christmas/holidays, I feel like it's nearly impossible to not see the scale creep a little. Be patient with yourself :)

  12. I hope your daughter feels better soon!

  13. I'm so sorry to hear about your kids ailments; that just sucks. Impressive weigh in tho. I was thinking about you last night when I went back for seconds of my healthy dinner. So hard to do portion control!!

  14. Poor Ruthie! I hope she feels better soon!

  15. Bummer when sickness hits the house! Cold and flu season is so hard on the little ones and in turn on us. Hope it passes quickly!!

  16. ah crap I am so sorry your daughter is so sick
    I am sure this is hard to deal with

    I fear the flu season so much. it is exhausting. I wash my hands all the time, i make my family do the same, i am a real nag. the thing is last 3 times I got it, it was really bad...I passed out more than once each time..very I dont want to get it!

  17. I hope that your children get well soon. Here it's flu time and many people are sick.
    About the last topic, don't worry you are a runner and very soon you will lose weight again.
    Have a good week end.

  18. I have so much respect for the moms and dads out there..I can barely keep track of myself.
    Hope everyone is healing up!