Friday, November 4, 2011

Newsflash! Mario Lopez Will Run NYC!

Did you know Mario Lopez, my nutrition guru, is also a marathoner? He's running the New York Marathon on Sunday!

Credit: Runner's World

According to a Universal Sports interview online, he has a time goal. Here's a quote:

You know, I'd like to go as close to four hours as possible. But my running partner is unfortunately at 4 and half. To be honest, because my running partner tore his hamstring I'm feeling bad and feeling guilty. I'm like, ‘Should I slow up for him until he gets better and he's in good shape too, or should I just leave him and just do my own deal?' I'm a little conflicted. But I know I'm definitely going to complete it.

That's right, dude. Blame the running partner!

Mario was profiled in Runner's World a few years back and claimed a half-marathon PR of 1:48. That's better than my half PR by eight minutes. But when he ran the Boston Marathon for charity in 2002, he clocked a 5:41:42. So I have beaten him at 26.2 by nearly two hours.

He blamed his girlfriend at the time for his Boston time, according to the same interview:

Well that one I ran with my girlfriend and she didn't want me to cross the finish line without her. I swear. Believe it or not, I'm in decent shape.


So anyway, for a little fun for those of us not running NYC this weekend, I have a friendly wager with Raina over at Small Town Runner that I want to open up to everyone. I've got five virtual cents that says Mario finishes in 4:12. Raina (being a more generous soul) says 3:59:59. What's your guess?


  1. I am still mad at Mario for not showing up at the race for rescues
    so I say


  2. OK...well, If I am wrong and you win, it's just because he is such a REALLY NICE friend. :)

  3. what a tool! blaming his time on his then girlfriend! boo! i predict 4:09.

  4. He is a bit of a schmuck isn't he!?!?! Good grief!!! I truly hope he tanks!!! :)

  5. I am starting to feel like you actually have a closet crush on Mario!! Maybe you did watch Saved by the Bell!!! Just kidding! I think he will be around 4:20. Why? I don't know, I think he is going to use that "hurt running partner" as an excuse to be slow. But hey, I can't run a marathon so I think finishing is still great no matter how long it takes...and yes I totally had a crush on AC Slater back in the day.

  6. I'm placing bets your boy Mario goes closer to 4:30 -- he's totally laying the ground work. :). I put my guess in at 4.23.11

  7. My skin crawls when someone says they "know" they'll finish. A lot happens out there...

    I wrote a whole post on excuses, so you can guess I have little patience w/ his - famous or not.

    I still may look at his cookbook though :)

  8. I posted a pic of Mario with his shirt off after the tri he did...I got more hits on my blog looking for that picture... I may have to go find it, it was a nice picture. :)

    I've got no idea what his time will be but I'm going to take 4:04

  9. omg, this is hilarious! he is a total tool!! i don't think he'll break 4:30. there is absolutely no basis for my guess!

  10. Oh, Mario, Mario - own up to your abilities! Perhaps he is his own best "friend". Come on, any finish is a big deal, Slater!! Time bet - how about 4:15:00 - I want to stay faster than him after his wussy comment!

  11. If he can run a 1:48 half, he should be a sub-4 IF he wanted to try. If he only knew how much you write about him on your blog.... :)

  12. Really? His running partner? If only.

  13. I don't know Mario. 1:48 in the half means a sub 4h but I bet .... 4'13'00".