Monday, July 25, 2011

Good Things About Summer Running

I kicked off the second half of my training program for the Top of Utah Marathon this morning with...spin class. {cue let-down music} Given my illness last week, and the fact that I ran 15 miles yesterday (yes! got the Long One done!), I took it easy today.

The hard (fun) stuff will resume tomorrow with a set of 6 to 8 Yasso 800s. One thing that works for me with my McMillan Running plan is that he allows a lot of choice on almost every run. Over the weekend, for example, I was told to do a long slow run of 14 to 16 miles. I wanted to do 16 but felt really tired at 14, so I compromised...and with the 15 still did what he asked me to do. Tomorrow I'd love to do all 8 of the Yassos but will once again see how it feels. I'm excited to get back to the track!

Meanwhile, since I know a lot of you are wilting in terrible heat and humidity, and since even though it's drier here it still feels RIDICULOUSLY hot, I'm looking on the bright side of summer.

Here's a list of My Top 10 Reasons Summer Running is Good:

1. No treadmill necessary! I haven't been on the treadmill since June 2. Not only does this make for less boring running, but in my case anyway I think it makes for stronger running.

2. It's not spooky outside when I get out there at 5 a.m. Nope, the birds are already singing, the street lights are winking out and I've seen some spectacular sunrises and mountain vistas.

3. My nose doesn't run (as much).

4. The smells! Flowers! Mowed grass! Honey locust trees and honeysuckle bushes! Warm pavement mixed with sprinkler water or rain.

5. Water tastes better all day.

6. Fewer items of clothing are required. Boy, was I sick of hats, gloves, and tights by May.

7. Ice baths are less shocking to the system. The one I took yesterday was downright refreshing, even that first plunge.

8. I'm much less interested in eating (rich food in particular). Salads, fruit and juice are the most appealing consumables (along with a daily fruit popsicle and the odd smoothie).

9. I don't have to worry about spin class selling out before I get there. The hard-core cyclists are out on the roads.

10. Safe roads--no slipping on ice, blindness because it's dark, unexpected saturation due to sleet or snow.

What are favorite things about summer running? (And don't worry--I'm going to do a list of things I looking forward to about fall very soon!)


  1. I am with you on summer running! Seriously, I would trade it over winter any. day. of. the. week!!

    And--i think it makes you stronger for fall racing.

  2. You are so right about the food! All I want to eat is salad and greens!

    I'm trying to switch to morning running, but I suppose one of my favorite things about summer running is that it's still light when I start my evening runs. I don't like much else about the heat, but I am starting to get used to it. (It's amazing when I go out at 90 degrees and realize I could manage a run. Of course, the hottest my dog can handle is 85.)

  3. Well I like MY winter running better only because I am in Southern California...if I was still in Canada it would be another story for sure...for me in the summer the allergies are a pain..

  4. I'm with you I love, love, love my morning runs and the fact that it isn't pitch black right now. The summer mornings are glorious!

  5. the late light so I can bike or run at night too if I want :) ahhhhh summmeerrrr.

  6. Love the longer days, running as the sunrises or into the sunset. But is there anything better then running right after a thunderstorm? Cool, fantastic smells, spongy trail, the occasional rainbow ...

  7. My favorite thing about running in the summer is that there is no school, which means I don't have to be home by 6:30am to get the kids up and out the door, which means I can run at 6am and still be back before anyone is awake. During the school year i have to get up SO stinking early to get done by 6:30. bleck.
    It is kind of fun to wear tanks and shorts too. :)