Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Life Gets Busy Sometimes

About a month ago I got a promotion at work. I'm now a digital services librarian, working both reference (answering questions from library users) and digital services (helping our awesome Web developer, Lisa, with the employee intranet, working on the library's social media presences and learning more about products the library subscribes to online with my fabulous co-worker Gina, who just might be the smartest person in the world).

Of course I'm happy about this change. I get to work both sides of my brain at work now and use some of the technical skills and "figuring stuff out" skills that were my favorite part of library school.

But it also means there's a lot less room in my brain for blogging when I get home and on the down days I spend with my kids. Hopefully I'll get my balance back soon. But it's been hard to get posts up when all I want to do is collapse at night with a novel. Reading and commenting on other people's posts is easier!

At least my running hasn't slacked off. Tomorrow I have a one-hour-fifteen-minute run with five five-minute intervals at half-marathon pace scheduled. I feel like I'm getting faster, so I'm not really sure if I should run these intervals at the pace prescribed by my Bolder Boulder pace or if I should push it a bit. I think I'll push it a bit.

On my 6.5-miler run on the 4th, I did the following 10 1-minute fartlek intervals (I chose a hilly route, as McMillan wants me to do this type of run on varying terrain):
1. 7:34 pace (uphill)
2. 7:19 pace (flat)
3. 7:08 pace (flat)
4. 6:54 pace (downhill)
5. 6:44 pace (even more downhill)
6. 6:49 (flat)
7. 7:42 (uphill)
8. 7:15 (uphill)
9. 7:05 (flat)
10. 6:41 (flat to uphill! my fastest!)

Yeah, they were only 1-minuters, but I still feel pretty good about them. I wonder what I could do a 5K at right now.....

I'll get a good hard look at my fitness on July 17 following the ZOOMA Women's Half in Colorado Springs. It should be a good weekend. I'm going down on Friday night to be up early the next morning for a 2-mile easy shakeout run and then am working packet pickup all day. On race morning, Kathy's coming down to run and hang out. The elevation profile of the course shows a mostly flat course with a hill between miles 10 and 11.5. Seems like it will be easier than the Spring Half was, though heat could throw me off in a serious way (wish the race started at 6 a.m. stedda 7 a.m.!).

I'm off to bed. But if you have a minute and some spare dollars, please remember my effort to raise money for the Houston Food Bank as part of my Houston Marathon build-up. You can donate by going here. Thanks in advance!


  1. I really wish they would start the races in the heat of the summer earlier in the morning. It just het to hot and fast!

    I am sure you will do great on that run. I am running 13 miles this weekend and I am nervous about it!

    I also wanted to say thank you! I really appreciate your help with the American Cancer Society. I saw you were fundrasing as well! I will for sure help your cause as well. I will login and do that later tonight! THANKS!

  2. CONGRATS on your promotion :).
    How exciting!

    And nice job on the workout too.

  3. Those are some nice interval times. This race upcoming should be a nice gauge of your fitness. Although you do know that a marathon starts at mile 20.

    Got your question earlier and will answer it for sure.

  4. Wow - great times speedy! There is NO DOUBT you are going to BQ ... in the bag baby! Good job on the promotion! (I can relate to the "less room in my brain for blogging", I've really dropped off this summer due to schedule) Keep pushing yourself. When you want to rest a little during a workout ... don't. Keep the goal in mind and how great it will feel to BQ. You obviously have it in you, but push yourself. Just remember, to go somewhere in your racing you have never gone before - you have to make the journey in your training and prepare like never before. You're close - you've got this!

  5. Congrats on the job promotion...and I totally get the blog thing. I feel like now that I'm home for summer break, we are on constant crazy mode and blogging has taken a backseat. Not that I blogged much after I got the injury from hell but still less than when I'm at work, bored, and strapped to my computer and can blog(hoping no one I work with reads your blog :)).

    I've heard lots of positive things about Zooma, you're going to have so much fun! Run the Incline after. ;)

  6. Congrats on the job promotion! Sounds like a great change.