Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Q&A: Ask Me Anything!

Kind Julie over at You Just Have to TRI tagged me for the viral Q&A that's going around thanks to our good buddy Chris K. at The Manly Runner (I should mention here that Julie in just 13 days will be doing 70.3--that's a half Ironman!--and that Chris K., in addition to being manly, is a Boston qualifier and one of my main inspirations--see the Inspiring BQ Stories page for more about him).


....Terzah. What this means: you can ask me any question and I pledge to answer it (since I've never had anyone leave a raunchy or otherwise inappropriate comment on this blog, I think that's a safe thing to say!).

These can be questions about running or questions that have nothing to do with running, such as, "What was the first album you ever owned?"

I'll go ahead and answer that now: Men At Work, "Business As Usual." It was an LP record (yep, I'm at the tail-end of the last generation to buy those on a regular basis), my parents bought it for me when I was eight or nine years old and I played it over and over again on my Fisher Price record player (unless my dad let me use his stereo), it had a yellow hard-hat construction theme, those guys are from Australia and I still love them. "Land Down Under".....now there's a song.

My current band obsession is Mumford & Sons. I really do think this group of four scruffy-looking English dudes was sent straight down by God in heaven to remind me that there can be almost perfect beauty in the world. I sometimes forget that. Here's a video of one of their as-yet unreleased songs:

So anyway....if you don't think it will be too boring, ask away! I'm also supposed to tag others with this designation, but almost everyone I read has already been tagged. If you haven't been tagged (and especially if your name is Erin, Christy, Chris C. or Margot), consider yourself tagged now.


  1. I have been tagged!!! I'm on it!

    What is your favorit movie?

    What big races do you have planned?

    What is your fav about running and what do you HATE about running.

  2. I LOVE MUMFORD AND SONS!! Seriously love them. We are soul sisters I think. Or "sole". :) And thanks for the tag. :)

    Ok... questions -

    - What would be your ULTIMATE race if money, travel, child care, etc. didn't matter?

    - If you could go back in time and change anything about your life what would you change (and no saying "nothing"). :)

    - If you had to choose between (a) - making CRAZY awesome progress in your running for the next 5-10 years, smashing PRs and kicking butt, but then never being able to run again, or (b) - not getting any faster or any more endurance than you have right now but being able to run for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

    - Have you always seen yourself as a runner? What would be your second choice sport to be a part of?

    - Who is your most favorite blogger from WY that you would MOST want to meet if given the opportunity? :)

  3. Whooaaa tag! Thanks. First of all, I haven't sent your Nuun yet bc I"m a loser but it's on my list of things to do this week.

    Now questions:
    How did you end up in Colorado?

    Running gear. If you had to run 10 miles without one of these, what would it be? Sports bra, shoes, shorts.

    Favorite distance ? Least fave distance?

  4. Oh. and with regards to your comment on my blog: I had a diet coke about 2 hours before the interview. I try to keep it to drinking 2 a day, but sometimes I go over. It's bad, I know :).

  5. Thanks for the shout out and I'm glad your doing the Q & A!

    Where did you grow up?

    Are you running Denver R n' R?

    How do you managed twins? I'm so glad my boys are older...wait maybe I'm not, it has it's perks but I can't believe they will be leaving me soon.

    What is your favorite bed time story?

    What kind of books do you like to read?

    I think they are fantastic!

    first concert you have been to?

    Hardest part of the motherhood journey so far?

    you are a librarian..you have to love books..so 3 books I should read?

  7. Wow you're getting some awesome questions!
    What was your first job? Your worst? Why?
    Your best job? Why?

    How big will your cheering posse be WHEN you toe the line in Hopkinton? : D

  8. My 16 year old daughter LOVES them. She's sitting right next to me now and we played, Name That Tune. She got it withing seconds. I can't say that I love them.

    Thanks for the kind words Terzah.

    What is the future look like for Librarians these days?

    One word to describe your partner in crime supermom Erin?

    What race will you BQ in?

    What does your hubby do for a living?

  9. Love Mumford and Sons, too. My 20-year old thinks that's lame that I like them....but she's stupid so we'll just pretend she doesn't exist when it comes to music!

    - Ditto on Julie's RnR Denver question.
    - We must make a date to hook up. I guess that wasn't phrased in the form of a question...how about: When will we meet up? :) I think I'd better return home first or you'll have to come to Cali in the next few days.
    - Were you surpirsed to learn you were having twins?
    - Were your twins "hard" when they were newborn? Is it "easier" now?
    - Are you twins best buds?

    (I love twin stories :)).

    Sorry for the lame questions, I'm pretty beat.

  10. If YOU had unlimited authority and an unlimited budget at Boulder Public Library, what changes would you make to better serve the patrons?

    (Feel free to include complimentary coffee and donuts on the bridge, which might even lure me back to BPL).