Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm No Fastinista (or Fashionista)

Throwing down the gauntlet here: I think this outfit is hideous.

It reminds me of some of the bad movie theaters they built in the late 90s and early 2000s--lots of eye-jarring, garish patterns and colors thrown together that will look dated in about, oh, five minutes.

It also reminds me of the outfits my four-year-old daughter emerges from her room wearing when she dresses herself. When she puts an ill-matched clown-like creation together, I commend it, because, well, she's four and she did it herself.

One of Ruthie's creations....I think she's cuter than the cover model, but I'm biased!
And what looks super-cute on a four-year-old--four-year-olds can even pull off Crocs--is VERY different, to my conservative Midwestern mind, than what looks good on an adult woman (especially adult women who are ordinary-bodied specimens like yours truly, unlike the RW cover model, who, yes, IS in fact a model, though I don't think even she can pull off the horror of the ensemble she's wearing on the cover).

Now you do have to keep in mind that my "fashion sense" is nothing of the kind. No one ever called me fashion-forward. In both running and real life, I avoid patterns, wearing only one of them at a time if I wear them at all. Black is still my favorite color, a holdover from my years in New York City. For running, I favor shorts and capris (black ones, of course) over running skirts. I will wear shirts with fun statements on them, as long as the design is simple and classy (I own and wear the Run Like a Mother shirt that asks "Are my kids still chasing me?").

But I won't wear anything that attempts to make me look or sound more badass than I actually am (who would I be fooling anyway? certainly not myself!). And I won't be a slave to ugly trends, especially not in running. I run partly to be free of the kinds of attitudes that the fashion industry feeds into. I'm not saying I don't (unfortunately) share some of these attitudes. I'd love to have the body of the RW cover model. But I recognize that this is shallow and pointless, and I hope someday to evolve to the point where I no longer care in the least what anyone thinks of my appearance, aside from whether I look and am clean and healthy. Since running and my races are important to me, and make memories I want to cherish, I'd rather have the emphasis in race photos of me be on what I'm doing than what I'm wearing.

My relative lack of emphasis on fashion is, I know, a matter of opinion. For those of you who do set more store in fashion than I, I'd say, "Beware." Wouldn't you rather look classic, whether running or eating out with your partner, than clownish? Wouldn't you rather be Audrey Hepburn than Madonna circa 1983?

Where do you come down on the "fastinista" trend? It certainly made for an interesting read! I do enjoy that magazine.


  1. I agree, that outfit is ridiculous!! I'm a Midwestener at heart, too, and maybe it's our upbrining, but truly have a hard time understanding why someone would think that is all that.

    But I'd definitlely take her abs!!! :)

  2. I don't have that issue yet. For years I have favored black, but lately I find myself bored of black, I want COLOR!

  3. Black shorts and a running shirt from a prior race is the only way to go! Heck, the day-glo yellow shirt I wore in Boulder was picked out by my daughter, not me! So we aren't sporting matching tartan, pleated short skirts and knee highs at Zooma? Bummer.

  4. haha. I love this post. I kind of hate the increased price of workoutwear, races, and emphasis on appearance that seems to have worked its way further into running. On a related note, it kinda gets me how almost every runners world has an article about weight loss. Although after seeing that outfit, now I kinda want some argyle pink knee socks!

    That was actually something I really liked about being at Rice. I wore the same pajama pants every day to class freshman year, and people still wanted to hang out with me. Amazing :).

  5. I SO LOVE YOU. We are soul mates and destined to be running partners.

    I am right there with you. I think that outfit is awful, and I just really don't like the running skirt/tall sock look. I don't wear a skirt normally unless I am going to church, so it makes no sense to me to put one on to go run. I love the color pink normally but it is so overdone in women runners that I never wear any pink when I am running just because.

    I usually have black shorts/tights/pants of some kind and I love bright colored tops, especially in greens, blues, and yellows and sometimes I have bright colored head-bands (that match my tops) but that is as wild as I get. I am definitely not a fastinista or fashionista or whatever. I like to look good when I run but to me that means something different I guess. :)

  6. Wow, and I thought cyclists had the market cornered on garish clothing! ;-)

  7. I just got my copy of that magazine and thought the same thing. Who would wear that? I do however, find it funny to wear things that are really untrue. I'm sure some people see me out and she thinks she's so cool..but it's so untrue and I like the irony in it. This morning I wore my Nike "Freakishly Awesome" shirt to run....yes that's me and my 12 and half minute pace. Freakishly Awesome :)

  8. I laughed when I got my copy too. Even as a guy, I could tell something wasn't right.

  9. I got that mag in the mail today. It's hideous. I love your daughter's outfit though.

  10. I'm seeing this late-- after three weeks of traveling and teaching! Actually, I like the skirt, but I would pair it with a singlet and regular low socks. I actually have the purple plaid skirt from this company. And multiple other skirts (though almost all of the rest are in the black category.) I love running in skirts, because I can wear the bicycle-type shorts I like, without revealing too much to the world!

  11. I love the outfit!
    I am so excited for the bright colours and girlie stuff that is out there now for us girls! I don't want to have to dress like a boy when I'm running. I despise the way shorts ride up on some women - so ick! I probably wouldn't even ~be~ running if it weren't for my pink Newtons that make me smile every time I lace up. I'm a mom of 3 and can't pull off that top, but I still love it (and I want the skirt!).
    I stll love your post, though...and your daughter is adorable. :)

  12. My husband made jokes about the arm warmers for DAYS after I got that magazine. Arm warmers? I just don't get those. If I thought my arms would be cold, I would just wear a long-sleeved shirt. I know many runners love them, but they are just weird to me.

    I love the skirt and the abs though.... :)