Friday, July 8, 2011

Sleep Plan

I have a marathon training plan. I have an eating plan (sort of).

With my tune-up race (the ZOOMA Women's Half-Marathon) in just over a week, I think I need another plan: a sleep plan.

So I've created another column in the wonderful, geeky training plan spreadsheet furnished me by McMillan Running--and this column outlines when and how I will sleep over the next 10 days and nights. If it's successful, I'll plan it all out through the big day at the Top of Utah Marathon in September.

How will I know it's successful? How do you measure sleep success? Not sure yet. But I have a feeling it will be obvious.

So here's the plan:

For naps--I will not fret if actual sleep doesn't occur. I know from experience that if I need it (and my kids comply with the plan by either staying in their rooms or napping themselves), sleep will happen. If it doesn't happen, usually it means I didn't need it. I won't fret if I can't sleep at naptime. Dr. Andrew Weil, the popular alternative medicine advocate and a big proponent of naps, says any time with your eyes shut and your mind free of distraction is good for you.

Friday 7/8:
Daytime: Nap--40 minutes (checked off; I just finished it)
Night: Bedtime @ 9 p.m., no excuses; long run is tomorrow, I have to get up early to avoid the heat and this has been a rough sleep week

Saturday 7/9:
Daytime: Nap--easier with husband at home, if body wants it
Night: Bedtime by 10 p.m. (don't have to rise early the next day)

Sunday 7/10:
Night: Bedtime by 9:30 p.m. (nap not possible because I work Sundays, but I don't have to rise early on Monday; I can do Monday's easy miles on my lunch break at work)

Monday 7/11:
Night: Bedtime by 9 p.m. or earlier if possible (speed workout scheduled for early a.m. Tuesday)

Tuesday 7/12:
Nap (if needed): Since I don't have to be at work until noon on Tuesdays, if I feel drowsy after my speed workout and breakfast, I will take a morning nap, skipping my weight training class. The kids will be at preschool. At this point, I feel sleep trumps weights.
Night: Bedtime by 10 p.m. (would go for earlier, but I work until 9 p.m. on Tuesdays so that's not possible); spin class scheduled for early Wednesday a.m.

Wednesday 7/13:
Night: Bedtime by 10 p.m. (don't have to get up early for Thursday's easy run)

Thursday 7/14:
Nap: If possible (home with kids)
Night: Bedtime by 10 p.m.; no workout scheduled for Friday

Friday 7/15:
Nap: If possible (home with kids)
Night: Bedtime by 9 p.m. or earlier; this is two nights before my race, and I've read in numerous places that the night two nights before a race is the key one; I'll be in a hotel with no one to wake me for a potty trip (daughter) or a wet bed (son), so I plan to crank up the white noise (A/C) and sleep sleep sleep. On Saturday I have just a 20 minute easy run to do.

Saturday 7/16:
Nap: if possible (but I don't think it will be because I'm working packet pickup)
Night: Bedtime by 9 p.m.? Not sure this will work out, because I always have butterflies before a race, but I won't stress as long as I slept well on Friday night.

Sunday 7/17 (post-race):
Night: Bedtime by 10 p.m. (no need to rise early as Monday is a recovery day); a nap won't be possible as I am driving back home from Colorado Springs and will be eager to see my family

There you have it! Terzah's sleep plan! What do you think? Have you ever followed a sleep plan? Am I totally nuts and obsessed with sleep?

Another Boulder Moment:
This morning Ruthie asked me if I would buy her some biking gloves.

"Biking gloves?!" I asked. "How do you know about biking gloves?"

"You (that's "you" as in "Anyone who rides a bike the right way, silly mommy") need them," she told me. "Lyra and Julian have them."

Lyra and Julian are in Ruth and Will's preschool class, most of whose members know how to ride a two-wheeler now (putting them about two years ahead of when I learned how).

But really? Biking gloves? For four-year-olds?! Should I get her these lovelies?

Just kidding. We'll consider these (maybe) when she moves up to hand breaks.


  1. Love it! More people should be bigger on working on sleep. I am 'trying' the 'sleep less sleep faster' plan. Hah - well I'm not trying to sleep less but I regularly wake up several times every night and usually get up and walk around. I'm trying to minimize this bc it can't be good to never sleep more than a couple hours at a time!

  2. and biking gloves are the bomb. My fave part about biking for sure are the fingerless gloves.

  3. Yeah I really need to work on my sleeping. It has been killing me! Might do this.

    Biking gloves.. That is to funny.

  4. :) Love the bike gloves.

    I've never had to do a sleep plan as it's pretty rare not to find me in bed by 9ish. Now if only I could sleep in past 6 once in awhile I would be thrilled!

  5. I "try" to nap for about 30 minutes each day - I think it really helps. Every time you write "Top Of Utah", I get excited for you! I can't wait to see your progress!

  6. See my blog for the latest in blogger awards that I've passed your way! :)